Wintertime Lip Edit

Fall is my most favorite time of year. Well, Fall and Winter. I couldn’t choose.

I am a sucker for crunchy leaves, crisp air, snowfall, hot cocoa. I know, I know, I’m what most would call “basic.” And guess what? I am basically okay with that.

So, as all basic girls do, we darken our lip colors this time of year. Why? Well because it’s what the fashion/beauty industry tells us to do and damnnit I think I look great in a red lip.

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November Love List

Hey friends!

Since I now live in a big city, I am constantly surrounded by some of the most fashionable people ever. Which sucks.

Because now I want to buy everything.

Which I do not have the budget for.

However, that doesn’t stop me from dreaming about all the goodies I would buy if my money supply was endless.


  1. ALDO Boots– I am obsessed with black ankle boots every winter. I especially like these ones for their slight gold accent along the heel. They also come in a gorgeous burgundy which is amazing. Retail for 110pounds
  2. Chloe Faye Leather Satchel– Any fashion fanatic knows that Chloe is the ultimate for handbags. I adore the simplicity of the Faye satchels. They are youthful and trendy, but won’t go out of style since they are absolutely an investment piece. This bag retails for ….. 1,190pounds. *I just fainted*
  3. Bath & Body Works Candle– It’s not fall unless you have a Bath&Body Works candle in Leaves. That’s just a fact. Retails for $22.50.
  4. Grace Coddington Memoir– This woman is the American Vogue queen. I adore her stylistic talents and her eye for beauty and creativity. I cannot wait to get my hands on this book, only 22.40pounds.
  5. Zara Beanie– This is the one item on my list that I have actually purchased this month. I adore beanies- especially in the U.K. where it’s windy and rainy the majority of the time. I love the little ears on this as well…beacuse you know…I’m 12. Plus this little treat is only 7.99!
  6. Charlotte Tilbury Magic Cream– Charlotte Tilbury is my bae. Like literally, this woman is a genius. Every one of her products I’ve tried is absolutely outstanding. I have read some incredible reviews of her skincare, the magic cream in particular. This can be used before applying makeup for a plump, moisturized and youthful look. It retails for 70pounds. So yeah, I need a job.

And those are the treats I’ve been drooling over this month so far! Let me know what you’ve been lusting over!


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Grunge Chic OOTD

Hey guys,

I have been all about the fall fashion lately. Beanies, layers, knits and lots of monochrome colors. I recently also had my hair done and was feeling extra snazzy so I thought I’d share that look with you all!


grunge2 grunge3

It’s amazing what a nice pair of black leggings and a flannel can accomplish! I love the ability to layer during fall as one moment it can be freezing, the next a hot flash. These booties are my new loves as well, a recent find off Asos they have just a slight heel and make even my most casual looks a bit more trendy. Recently I’ve also been loving layering with cute frilly socks. Remember when we used to wear ruffled socks with our dress shoes when we were little?! Well, who says you can’t bring that trend back when you’re in your 20s??

Hope you enjoyed this little outfit!


October Favorites

Oh goodness guys,

Its been awhile.

I can’t even remember the last time I wrote a monthly favorites post. I want to try to get back into the swing of things as I love sharing things that I am loving in my life with you all!


Fave Person:

The first thing I have been loving this month is a Youtuber- Zoe Sugg. Zoe, or “Zoella,” films beauty, makeup and lifestyle videos that showcase her everyday life and what she loves. Anytime I need a pick me up, I always turn to her channel to uplift my spirits. It’s nice to see someone else your age going through some of the same things as you with the normal bumps and rough patches we all go through. Recently, Zoe launched her own pamper evening collection of goodies- including this makeup bag. Of course, I couldn’t wait to support her in her adventure so I promtly placed an order:)

Fave Perfume:

All month I have been obsessed with Lancome La Vie Est Belle. I have never owned a scent that so perfectly captures who I am as a person. Its classic, not too sweet but not too musky, mature but youthful, and utterly magical. Plus, the boy likes it too!


Fave Face Product:

I have recently been getting back into using highlighters and contouring my face a bit more than I normally do. Along with that comes a hunt for the perect shade of highlight for my skin tone- in comes Becca’s Shimmering Skin Perfector in the shade Opal. I adore this color for its blended gold, bronze, and opal tones. When applied lightly to the cheekbones, it gives the most subtle glow that draws attention to all the right places.

Fave Lippy:

I love red lipstick. Throwing some red on my lips makes me feel instantly put together, classy and strong- all aspects I admire in women and love to embody in myself. This Maybelline matte lip color in the shade Siren in Scarlett is bold, bright and daring. It gives a little boost of confidence all for under $10.


Fave Others:

I would like to discuss my obsession with candles. I looooove them. Like during the fall, I go absolutely mental and have so far purchased at least 6. Why? Because they’re so cozy! A simple candle can turn a room into a home, bringing warmth, character, and evoking emotion through scent. My favorite scents are slightly sweet, fall-like smells. And my favorite candle scent of all time is Pumpkin. This Yankee Candle in Pumpkin Spice is the end-all-be-all of pumpkin smells. I die.

Lastly, my hedgehogs. The cutest things ever?! Yes, I know. I found these little guys at Target and knew I couldn’t leave them behind. Each about $3, they are going to make my dining table so stinkin’ cute!


And that’s what I’ve been loving this month! What have you been loving?? I’d love to hear below, or you can let me know on Twitter, @xobrendykins!



Fall MAC Haul

Hellloooo readers!

Do I need anymore makeup? No. Do I constantly shop for makeup whenever I’m bored? Yes, of course.

And so begins my journey into the MAC store.

I’ve never been a huge MAC person. I know, *gasp*. As any beauty “guru” knows, MAC is a great cosmetic brand with a cult following. I just havent joined in on the fun until recently, which was probably a good thing for my bank account because I came out with sliiiightly more than I bargained for…..


I have always been so envious of the women who can pull off the gorgeously blended eye makeup and I never knew quite how to achieve that. But, with a little education from the MAC conoussoirs, I purchased the products to create some amazing eye looks at home.



To give my eye makeup a flawless look and to hold the color all day I use the Paint Pot in the color Painterly. I am absolutely OBSESSED with the paint pots after this purchase and have since gone back to purchase a second one in the color Groundwork. The are great to wear on their own or to layer color over! Speaking of different colors, I purchased Naked Lunch (a light beige frost), Espresso (a medium toned brown matte), Satin Taupe (a grey-brown frost), and Handwritten (a dark brown matte). I love more neutral colors for eyes and tend to stay within this comfort zone. However, with these four colors I am able to creat a variety of looks!

I have also heard a lot about MAC brushes, and know most makeup lovers swoon over the 217 brush. So naturally, I picked one up myself to try it out.


For the face, I picked up the Soft & Gentle Mineralize Skin Finish for a light dusting across the cheekbones and as a delicate highlight.


Finally, I picked up an incredibly gorgeous pink-red retro matte named All Fired Up. I have always wanted to own a MAC lip color, but never knew which one to go for since walking into their store is a bit overwhelming. So I had one of the wonderful consultants help me find the perfect color for my skin tone- and Mattes are my absolute favorites.

So, that’s my first forray into MAC! Tell me your faves below! I could use another shopping spree ๐Ÿ™‚