Free Sample Friday: Sephora Blush

I am not typically a blush girl. My cheeks are naturally quite pink, so anytime I add any additional blush I end up looking a bit embarrassed. But how have I never tried these blushes?

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Spring/Summer 2016 Lip Trend: True Red

I was sitting around this week thinking, what lip color should I wear today?

I know, I know. Big life decisions.

Is the Kylie nude still in? Are the winter mauves out? I JUST DONT KNOW!

Thank goodness for Google. After some searching, some runway reviewing and some Sephora stalking, I have determined that this spring and summer I will be rocking the candy-apply reds.

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Free Sample Friday: Tatcha Cleansing Oil

Hi all!

Todays free sample friday is a fun sample from Sephora. (Sidenote: don’t you love how you can pick out samples when you order online?!) This week I’ve been trying out the Tatcha Pure One Step Camellia Cleansing Oil.



This little sample had enough product to remove my makeup for the whole week, so I really got a great review of this product in my opinion. I used a cotton pad with a nickel-sized amount of the cleansing oil on it to remove my eye makeup.

Now, I don’t know if you all have tried out a lot of makeup removers, but some of them aren’t the most pleasant. Either they can be too oily, or not oily enough causing you to have to rub your eyes really hard to remove any makeup. This Tatcha oil was just right. I’m like the Goldilocks of cleansing oils and this one fit perfectly.

It was so smooth and removed every trace of makeup so easily. It was gentle and didn’t feel too oily on the face. It almost felt moisturizing and nourishing. I loved the soft smell of it as well. I was completely impressed.

Would I purchase a full-size? If it wasn’t so expensive, yes!

Where can I find this product?,

Cost: $48


Free Sample Friday: Becca Primer

Hi friends!

This week for Free Sample Friday I tested out a new primer.



This primer is from the brand Becca. This brand is known for their outstanding quality highlighters so I was excited to test out another realm of their beauty line.

This is the Ever-Matte Powerless Perfecting Primer. If the name doesn’t talk the product up enough, the price should. Available at Sephora, a bottle slightly over one ounce runs for $36. Yikes.

So, on to the review. I used this product for a week straight every morning before applying my makeup. I used a small dollop across my forehead and another that I blended down my nose and chin. I first noticed the texture of this product. It almost felt like I was rubbing glue on my face; it was extremely sticky when applying but dried quickly. It had no scent which to me is a big bonus. Overall, I felt like it kept my naturally oily face slightly more matte throughout the day, however it wasn’t what I would consider a holy grail product. I also noticed a significant increase in acne when I began to use this product…so thats not good.

Would I purchase a full-size? No. I wasn’t that impressed unfortunately.

However, ff you’re interested in this product or any of Becca’s other great products, check them out from the Sephora website here!

Free Sample Fridays: NARS Tinted Moisturizer

It’s almost summer!

yay! It’s time to pack up those liquid foundations and opt for lighter coverage, more bronze hues and lots of SPF! As I have yet to find a light(er) coverage face product, this sample was a perfect tester for my needs!



I do love a good tinted moisturizer, yet most of them have little to no coverage. I have been keeping this sample of the NARS tinted moisturizer for this time of year. It’s in the shade Light 3 Groenland. Overall, it is a little darker than I would normally go towards with a foundation but since it’s getting towards summertime I plan on getting tan- so it’s perfect!

I adore this tinted moisturizer. Its light, feels soft on the face when applied, and offers the perfect amount of summer coverage. It smells delightful and comes in a large variety of colors. I also love how it has an SPF of 30 which is absolutely necessary for summertime!

Would I buy the full-size? Already have 😉


Dior Lip Addict Review

Hello loves!

A recent Sephora visit caused me to meander throughout the aisles, wander up to new products, and purchase one too many goodies.


I have never (I know, gasp) tried a Dior product before. Sure, I’ve seen them in magazines and read many a blog post about them however I had yet to get my hands on them. And, as being my first opportuity, I snatched up two of the lippies I’ve read most about:



My first pick was the Dior Addict Lip Maximizer. This gloss is supposed to totally transform your lips in just 15 days to fuller, more plush, and lucious lips! You can layer it on top of other colors, or wear it on it’s own. It has a light pink sheen, and gives a gorgeous plumping effect.

Secondly, I chose the Dior Lip Addict Lip Glow. This is a basic rose colored balm that when placed on the lips enhances the wearers natural lip color. Basically, it appears as a different color per person! I love this as a “my lips but better” shade. It is very nourishing as well, never drying my lips out. Annnnd a little birdie (aka the Sephora website) told me that it comes in a coral shade as well…..

And that’s it! Also…how about my new french bulldog bookend?!