A Guide to New Years Eve

Hi hi!

Friends. New Years Eve is upon us. And immense outfit panic has officially set in. My closet is all over my floor and I successfully have zero things to wear.

Therefore, I made an imaginary outfit idea online in hopes of giving my internet friends an idea of what I would like to wear on New Years Eve if I could afford to buy everything I want.


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London Street Style

Hey friends!

I adore living in London. This city is so full of life, adventure, and what I notice most- style. The men and women in this town are so impeccably dressed, even when dressing casually they look put-together.

But, like any city, some trends carry through everyone and are fun to pick out.

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Street Style: College Chic

Hey friends,

Today I’m bringing you some pictures of what I wore to college last week.

It’s nice to feel confident in your appearance (even though there are some days I still can’t be bothered to put real pants on).


Anyways, carry on if you want to see how I dressed myself. I’m a big girl.

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