The Bedroom Look SS16


I love when underwear as outerwear is a trend. Literally half the effort to getting ready in the morning. Plus clothes that look like lingerie being acceptable in public?! Count me in.

The runway shows for Spring/Summer 2016 this year were covered in gorgeous silk satin slips and mussy bedroom hair. The likes of Celine gave us major envy for this gorgeous trend.

So, I had a little fun coming up with a highstreet/afforable option for us trend followers out there that just happens to be perfect for Valentines Day 😉

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My Top 3 Pink Summer Lipsticks

Hi friends!

I love lipstick. This is of no surprise to anyone who has been here awhile. I love to wear bright colors in the summer to pump up any look- making tanned skin look more bronze, hair look more wind-blown, and summer a little better.



So I took a look through my lipstick collection and gathered my three favorite pink-toned lipstick colors to don during this season.


From left to right:

YSL Rouge Volupte #5: These lipsticks by YSL are one of my favorite formulas and this color is my stand by summer color. It is the most gorgeous peach toned pink I have ever found. Not only do I love this color on me, but it is beautiful for those with and without tans. I love how the formulation is so smooth and buttery. Another benefit of this lipstick is the smell— holy mango. I die.

Rimmel Kate Moss #16: I picked this color up last summer in Ireland and absolutely adore it. It is an amazing orange-pink that is great for daytime looks. On tan skin it brightens up your whole face! I would say that if you enjoy brights than this is a great every day summer color.

Maybelline Color Sensational #740: I love Maybelline lipsticks and the color sensational line is incredible quality for a drugstore price. I haven’t worn this color much because it is quite neon-coral, but when I do wear it, I absolutely adore it!


And those are my top pink summer lip colors! What are yours??


H&M Summer OOTD

Hi friends!

I am blessed to live in an area that has the most gorgeous of sunsets that bathe the surrounding landscape with orange and pink hued light.

Last week, my good friend and I decided to take advantage of this gorgeous warm evening, take the camera out, and snap some shots.

I am one of those girls who would live in jean shorts if I could- the ease and simplicity just suit me. But sometimes its nice to dress them up a bit- throw on some heels (and inadvertently peel them off within five minutes…as seen below ;)). I also think that its fun to pair some old shorts with an oversized sweater for a casual and flirty look. The one I’m wearing is from H&M that I purchased awhile ago, but a similar one can be found here!

And this is what happened when all that came together…

IMG_6389 IMG_6316 IMG_6306 IMG_6387


Shorts- American Eagle

Cardigan Top- H&M

Shoes- Clark’s

Sunglasses- uhhhhmmm no idea.

Necklace- Francesca’s


And that’s all for now lovelies! Let me know what you think!


My Self-Tan Routine

Hello hello!

Sorry about the delayed post- I try to post every Monday….but sometimes life happens.

Any who.. it’s no shock that it is finally summer. And with this new season comes the expectation to be tan. Now, I love pale skin, I think on certain people it looks flawless. However, I just prefer my skin to be a little bit bronzed, to each their own!

To achieve my (slightly more) tan skin I tend to stick to safer methods. I never ever ever go in tanning beds. I have heard too many horror stories and would rather have orange-streaked legs than tango with skin cancer. Instead, I enjoy a good at-home self-tanning method.



Having tested many a self tanner, I can honestly say that the St. Tropez tanning line is my absolute favorite. I picked up mine at Ulta in store, but you can also put it up online here! The bronzing mousse is so easy to apply and I have never seen streaks on my skin after applying. I use it with the St. Tropez tanning mitt.

I apply the mousse after showering, shaving, and exfoliating my skin. I make sure to apply a rich body butter to my knees, elbows, ankles and wrists- then I go to town with the self tan!

It’s important to let your skin thoroughly dry before putting on clothes or crawling into bed as to not transfer the tan. But once the tan is dry- it doesn’t budge!

To keep my tan intact, I have been loving the Maui Babe After Browning Lotion (available here). I picked this bad boy up at Ulta recently after hearing my good friend rave about it. It’s perfect to whack on your skin after spending a day out in the sun as it keeps your skin nourished and honestly keeps the color longer!

And that’s it in a nutshell! Don’t forget to apply sunscreen regularly while you’re out as well- I love anything by Hawaiian Tropic- it just smells like summer to me:)


OOTD Last of Summer

Ok friends,

I have a confession…my thighs aren’t what they used to be. We all have body parts we aren’t the most comfortable with, I being no different. And todays fashion of crop tops and high-waisted shorts are not as forgiving as my typical get-up.

That being said, sometimes I still want to try these trends, and, once it a while, it works.





That all being said, I think that fashion is a wonderful and creative way to show your personality. It’s not all about following trends, but taking those ideas and transforming them into something that makes you feel your best. You don’t have to look like everyone else to be stylish. And remember, confidence is the most important accessory 🙂


OOTD: Supermoon

Hello readers!

The other night was a gorgeous full moon, and as the sun began to set I knew it would be the perfect night to snap some pictures!


Summer here is so hot, but once it hits about 8pm the air is still warm but bearable. My sister and I drove up to a high point and enjoyed the sunset and each others company. I absolutely love this new black felt floppy hat. I picked it up at Old Navy the other day and think it will be the perfect transition piece between summer and fall.

IMG_5541 IMG_5547

The shorts are high-waisted Topshop short shorts from several years ago. My top is a lovely cheap TJ-Maxx find 🙂 I’m also wearing one of my absolute favorite jewelry pieces –> the lovely rose gold necklace from Kate Spade which is engraved with “stop and smell the roses,” a lovely reminder and graduation present.

It’s nights like these that remind me of why I love the town I grew up in and to do like my necklace suggests and take a little time to enjoy the small things in life.



Product Review: Orange Lips

Hellooooo lovelies!

My orange addiction continues with my hunt for a lovely (and subtle) orange/coral hued lip color. As I scoured the drugstore aisles, I came across quite a few orange-lip products in the Revlon section. Since I’ve never tried an orange lip color, I really wanted to find something that lightly tinted my lips and didn’t make me look like I ate too many Nacho Cheese Doritos….which for me, is possible.

Anywho….I ended up purchasing two products, the Revlon Colorburst Lip Butter in color 027 Juicy Papaya and the Revlon Colorburst Matte Balm in color 235 Mischievous.

IMG_4263 2


Lip Butter:


I actually purchased the Lip Butter a few weeks before the Matte Balm, and have been wearing it almost daily. It has a slight orange sheen, not too overpowering and has a lovely texture. It is quite smooth and feels very moisturizing as well. It was about $6-ish (I’m sorry I really should start writing down how much I purchase things for). I would definitely recommend this product for anyone who wants to try out an orange, but isn’t feeling too daring.

Lip Balm:


For my second orange lip purchase I wanted to go a bit darker…something that said “yeah, my lips are orange, and I’m rocking it!” Or something like that…So I ended up buying the Matte Balm for about $7. When I arrived home I tried it on, and was impressed initially. The color is great, very true to the packaging, and was quite flattering on my skin tone. However, as I continued to wear it I noticed a bit of a draw back…it tasted odd and waxy. Overall, this product has a lovely color, not so lovely taste in my opinion.


Do you have an orange lip product you love? Any recommendations? I’m still on the hunt for the perfect orange for summer!

P.S.- I finally made a Twitter account-yay 21st century!! Follow me @xobrendykins if you’re so inclined!

Talk to you soon!