Travel Makeup Essentials

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As someone who has an obscenely large makeup collection, it would be entirely impractical to travel with all of it. It usually takes me quite a bit of time to decide what I want to bring with me when I go to work- let alone on a two-week vacation across the world. So here are the makeup essentials I like to bring with me when I travel, for any amount of time:

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Flawless Winter Skin: Makeup

Hi friends!

When winter comes along, my skin tends to get a bit more dreary, a bit dry and overall quite dull-looking. I’ve lost my glowing tan, and what am I ever to do about it?

The answer is makeup. The answer is always makeup.

So here is how I make my skin look a bit better during those cold months. Continue reading

Brand Spotlight: The Body Shop Tea Tree Line

Hi friends!

Have you ever loved something so much that you recommend it to not only your friends, but to random people in the shopping aisles? No? Just me?

Well, this is one of those brands that I squeal over. I adore everything I have ever tried from them and have yet to be disappointed. When I picked up the Body Wash from the Body Shops Tea Tree line I didn’t think much of it.

Until I hopped in the shower one fateful day and lathered this bad boy up.


Oh. ma. gawd. Not only does this body wash have an incredible lather, but it smells. sooooo. good.

It literally smells like the most fresh, energizing, yummy, goodness that has ever graced the earth.

And did I mention that it has acne-clearing benefits?

So, I fell in love. And I went back and bought more from this range. I am now the proud owner of the Tea Tree Body Wash, Face Mask, and Face Oil.

I love using this face oil on any spots that pop up on my face, and the mask is great for clearing up any breakouts you may have.

I will no doubt go back and purchase more products from this line- because they are AMAZING.

Check them out here on the Body Shop website!

Have any of you tried these?!


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Free Sample Fridays: The Body Shop Drops of Youth

Hello friends!

I am loving these free sample Friday posts, and I hope you are too! It really forces me to use up the random bundle of samples I have all over my room. Plus, I’m finding tons of new products from brands I don’t normally use- so yay!

Anywho….moving on to this weeks free sample!



This week I tried out the Drops of Youth serum by The Body Shop. This product is a liquid-serum consistency and calls to be applied directly to the skin. You then apply your normal moisturizer on top of the serum to lock it in. It promises to create younger looking skin with “criste-marine plant stem cells.”

Overall, I got about 5 uses out of this little pack so I was able to use it for a whole week! I enjoyed the smell of it- very natural and earthy. It was also quite smoothing and refreshing on the skin. I did notice a little more glow on my face around day three- however nothing that I would think anyone else would notice.

Would I purchase a full-size? Mayyybeeeee….I’m thinking about it!


Product Empties #2

Yay! Another dive into my garbage!


Why is it so fun to look through what people have used up?! I have no idea, but dang I love watching empty videos and reading posts on what people love. I think it’s because I love hearing about what people love to use- it gives me an insight into what products to purchase, to look into, or just what company’s are good! Lately, I’ve been plowing through hair and skin care products as wintertime has caused my hair and skin to be all dry and gross…all of these products really helped with my winter issues, so I hope you enjoy reading a bit about them!

So without further ado….take a peek into what I’ve used up!



1. Redken Color Extend Shampoo & Conditioner: Oh lawd…this shampoo and conditioner is to.die.for. If you have colored hair these are the products for you! They arent heavy or hard on your hair, with use about three times a week I never saw any build-up, my hair stayed cleaner for longer, and the smell was light and fruity. It’s honestly the best shampoo and conditioner I’ve ever used. Hands down.

2. S Factor Health Factor Shampoo & Conditioner: I purchased these at a sale at Ulta after reading a great review of them on a blog. What made me impressed was their delightful strawberry scent. I loved how the scent lingered throughout the day and made my hair soft and scented!

3. Batiste Sassy & Daring Wild Dry Shampoo: Okay, I’ll admit, I have become obsessed with dry shampoo. Sometimes we all have days where we just don’t want to wash our hair…and that’s where dry shampoo comes in. Batiste makes an amazing array of scents and types of dry shampoos for all hair types. The first one I have used up was the Sassy and Daring scent. These dry shampoos don’t dye your hair white, they smell great, and honestly made my second and third day hair look fresh and clean!


4. The Body Shop Mango Body Butter: Yep. Obsessed again. These body butters are AH-MAZING. I particularly enjoy the mango scent as it is one of their top three most moisturizing (perfect for wintertime) and the fruity scent is sooooo realistic.

5. The Body Shop Tea Tree Body Wash: Again, another holy grail product for me. My skin has never looked so clear and clean since I have started using this. After I ran out I began using another type of body wash and immediately saw a dullness in my skin. I switched back to the tea tree wash and my skin almost immediately looked brighter and more refreshed.

6. Yes to Coconut Hand & Cuticle Cream: I have had this hand cream sitting next to my bed to use at night before bed. It has a great coconut scent and doesn’t make my skin feel oily and weighed down. After repeated use it really made my cuticles stronger and had less breakage.

7. Aveeno Smart Essentials Daily Nourishing Moisturizer: I am completely obsessed with this facial moisturizer! It is such a light and refreshing lotion, perfect for daily use. I love Aveeno as a brand as well because it is so gentle and calm on the skin. I also love this moisturizer because it has 30 SPF as well. I have been trying to take better care of my skin lately so using a high SPF lotion on a daily basis, both with or without makeup, has been very helpful!

8. Soap & Glory Hand Food: If you haven’t tried Soap& Glory’s line of various creams and body butters, you are missing out. They are so intensely nourishing and smell divine. This Hand Food lotion was perfect to pop in my purse and use throughout the day to keep my hands all soft- and boy did it work!

9. Murad: Acne Clearing Solution: I really wish this product wasnt so expensive because I would love a full size product of this. It was perfect to apply after I washed my face, was hydrating and helped to combat future breakouts. I felt that it really helped calm redness and I definitely had less breakouts!

10. Origins Checks & Balances Frothy Face Wash: This was a travel size product that I used when I was out of town. I’ve tried the Checks & Balances full size face wash and loved it. It is such a mild wash- perfect if you have sensitive skin.

11. Origins Modern Friction: Another travel size, this wash was more of a scrub with small friction beads. I loved how clean it made my skin feel, however the scent was a little off-putting.

And that’s all folks! Have you tried any of these or will you be trying any?? Let me know below!


Pamper Evening: My Essentials

Good evening ladies & gents!

I adore calm evenings where I have nothing to do but relax. One of my favorite things to do isĀ to take an evening by myself and have some ‘me’ time. I think we all need alone time to recoup and re-centerĀ ourselves.

One of my favorite ways to do this is to have a pamper evening! Here are my essentials:


First I like to draw a hot bath (made better by tossing in a nice Lush bath bomb or bath melt). If I wore makeup that day I like to use the Clinique Take the Day Off cleansing balm. This balm does an amazing job taking off heavy eye makeup quickly and easily. I always like to put a good cleansing face mask on as well on pamper evenings. I am trying out this new one from the Body Shop which is the Warming Mineral Mask. Whenever I’m having a pamper evening I like to use a nice luxurious bath wash as well- the Origins Ginger Souffle is my absolute go-to. The scent is otherwordly extravagant.



Whilst in the bath, I like to do some reading to get my mind off the days crazyness. Currently, I’m reading Graces Guide the Art of Pretending to Be a Grownup. Literally hilarious. This book is the perfect way to start or end your day, definitely takes the stress off by giving you a nice laugh. I also like to put on a bit of calming music on my phone and set it on the counter to relax to. One of my favorites is the Ella Fitzgerald Pandora station- lovely, calming, and relaxing.


After having a nice long soak in the tub, I like to put on an all-over body butter to lock in the moisture. The Body Shops mango scented one is my absolute favorite. I also like to put on a face night cream. Since I do have a bit of acne prone skin I have been using the Body Shops Tee Tree Blemish Fade Night Lotion which I adore the scent of.


After all that, I like to curl up with some fuzzy socks, a good Netflix movie (my fave being Breakfast at Tiffanys), and a hot cocoa! Goodnight all!





The Body Shop Haul

Hello hello!

Don’t you just love body care products? Soaps, lotions, all the goodies that make your skin soft and smell delicious? Yeah? Me too.

Working in a mall, you tend to walk past all the shops and unfortunately, see all their specials. So, whilst meandering past the Body Shop on my way to pick up some lunch, I saw their ‘buy 4 items get 40% off’ deal and thought I would just pop in.

Pop in I did, and good deals I found.



Of the four items I purchased, I can honestly say they are all suburb. I would absolutely recommend them all! Annnnd into further detail;


Body Butter-Mango: A stunner, insanely moisturizing, and smells incredible. This butter keeps my skin soft all through the day.

All-In-One BB Cream: Shade 01, gives light to medium coverage, blends seamlessly, and looks great on days when you don’t want to wear makeup- but still want to look good.


Tea Tree Body Scrub: Can we just talk about the smell. Oh, my, lord the smell. Absolutely amazing. Light, refreshing, and great for blemished skin.

Body Polisher: Basically, an unrolled loofah. This is perfect for scrubbing those hard to reach places like your back!

What other Body Shop goodies should I try??