Closet Staples: My Shoe Essentials

Spring is around the corner, and that means spring cleaning.

Now I font know about you, but I have WAY too many pairs of shoes.

Like, do I need 14 pairs of old navy flip flops? Probably not, BUT YOU NEVER KNOW.

So, as I was cleaning out my closet, I got to thinking what are my ‘must-have’ shoes? Which shoes are my ride-or-dies, my essentials, my go-tos.

And here they are…..

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March Wishlist

Every month, I have a little list of goodies I am lusting after. Some months I want to completely redo my wardrobe, other times I’m binging on makeup. But this March I’ve been all over the place.

Whether its browsing or scouring the new arrivals page of Sephora, I feel like I am always on the internet shopping. Does anyone else have this problem?!

Oh thank god, its not just me.

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A Guide to New Years Eve

Hi hi!

Friends. New Years Eve is upon us. And immense outfit panic has officially set in. My closet is all over my floor and I successfully have zero things to wear.

Therefore, I made an imaginary outfit idea online in hopes of giving my internet friends an idea of what I would like to wear on New Years Eve if I could afford to buy everything I want.


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London Street Style

Hey friends!

I adore living in London. This city is so full of life, adventure, and what I notice most- style. The men and women in this town are so impeccably dressed, even when dressing casually they look put-together.

But, like any city, some trends carry through everyone and are fun to pick out.

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Wintertime Lip Edit

Fall is my most favorite time of year. Well, Fall and Winter. I couldn’t choose.

I am a sucker for crunchy leaves, crisp air, snowfall, hot cocoa. I know, I know, I’m what most would call “basic.” And guess what? I am basically okay with that.

So, as all basic girls do, we darken our lip colors this time of year. Why? Well because it’s what the fashion/beauty industry tells us to do and damnnit I think I look great in a red lip.

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Review: Topshop Lipsticks

Hi all!




I have always wanted to try Topshop lipsticks. The colors and packaging are so fun, so by my assumption the product had to be great as well! I don’t have a Topshop near me, but I love the companies website; its so easy to find what you’re looking for! They have great and realistic swatches for each color- plus they recently came out with limited edition rose gold packaging; which absolutely meant I needed to order a few.


Nevada: This is a gorgeous peach-toned nude color. I was really impressed with the pigmentation, however it did settle into the lines of my lips a little more than I would have liked.


Infrared: I don’t wear oranges that often, but I really like how they look on me. This color is a true orange, it has a slight hint of red, but barely. This color is so immensely pigmented, and smoothes onto the lips very easily.


Beguiled: This color was my automatic favorite. Deep berry tones are my go to lip color, especially in the fall. I know I will get serious use out of this color. This color wasn’t as opaque as Infrared, however it could be built up to a very strong color or worn lightly for a small wash of berry-tone.



Overall, I am highly impressed with the Topshop hippies and highly recommend them to anyone. I ordered mine off of their online site; here.

Have you guys tried these? What are your thoughts??