Lust List: Spring Fragrance

This time of year is all about cleaning out your closet, rearranging your home and decluttering. I find this the perfect opportunity to do some refreshing in the scent category as well.

I’m usually drawn to similar scents year-round. However, during the spring I tend to gravitate towards more floral/musky tones. Things like lily, vanilla, musk, rose and amber. Mixed with a slight fruity undertone, and you have the perfect prequel to summertime. Continue reading


High-End Closet Staples

I have a shopping problem.

I also have a problem where I want things I can’t afford.

Champagne taste on a coors light budget much?

Occasionally, I enjoy perusing the designer section of online retailers thinking up my dream closet. But, I’m not all about buying things that I would wear once and never again. I prefer what you call “investment pieces.” Classic pieces you can wear over and over again that stand the test of time. And, if I had an unlimited budget, these are the goodies I would pick first.

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February Wishlist: A Grey Obsession

I’m starting a new section of posts called “Brendykins Wishlist.”
This is where I’ll post monthly bits about what I am loving, wanting, lusting after and generally in love with.

Welcome to February!

The title says it all honestly. Lately I haven’t purchased anything that isn’t in this color family. I find it comforting, soft, luxurious, sexy, trendy.

Really, grey is the ultimate color.

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