Top 5 High-End Foundations

I don’t know why, but I have a literal obsession with foundations.

Maybe its the fact that it can take away all the blemishes on your face? Or perhaps because it can make you instantly look awake and alive? Or change your look completely?

Whatever the reason, I have tried and tested a plethora of high-end foundations and have compiled a list of my top 5 for you all!

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Spring/Summer 2016 Lip Trend: True Red

I was sitting around this week thinking, what lip color should I wear today?

I know, I know. Big life decisions.

Is the Kylie nude still in? Are the winter mauves out? I JUST DONT KNOW!

Thank goodness for Google. After some searching, some runway reviewing and some Sephora stalking, I have determined that this spring and summer I will be rocking the candy-apply reds.

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Travel Makeup Essentials

Hello hello!

As someone who has an obscenely large makeup collection, it would be entirely impractical to travel with all of it. It usually takes me quite a bit of time to decide what I want to bring with me when I go to work- let alone on a two-week vacation across the world. So here are the makeup essentials I like to bring with me when I travel, for any amount of time:

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Liquid Blushers: High-End vs. Drugstore

Hey friends!

I am a huge fan of liquid highlights and blushes. I think the concept is perfect; swab some on your hands and easily blend into your skin wherever it looks best. They seem to last longer and be extremely pigmented as well.

There are so many options out there though, both high-end and drugstore. Each and every brand has their take on this new trend and everyone is dying for you to test theirs out. That all being said, I chose one high-end and one drugstore to test out for you all and see if one or the other out performs its counterpart.


For the high-end option I chose the NARS Liquid Illuminator in Orgasm. This is the liquid take on the brands top-selling blush by the same name. It is a slight rose gold blush that is amazingly flattering.

My drugstore option is from Rimmel; the Good to Glow Highlighter in Piccadilly Glow. This one is more of a peach-orange tinged highlight/blusher.

Here are their side by side results:


As you can see both end up with a nice sheen- wet looking and illuminating. The NARS blush definitely had more color payoff and was more visible on the skin as a blusher whereas the Rimmel option wasn’t as color-heavy and would be more useful as a liquid highlight.

I have found myself reaching for the NARS option more than the Rimmel as I love this option to add a pop of color to the face when I don’t feel like spending too much time on my makeup.


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July Favorites

Hi friends!

It has been a long time since I have written a favorites post. I loooooove reading other people’s posts each month; seeing who is loving what, which books are the most recommended, which lipsticks fit the season and so on. What makes favorite posts so amazing in my opinion is that they are the true consumers reviews. It’s not always the most reliable to read reviews on company websites as many of them go through filtering processes and don’t show the full realm of what consumers think. But by reading an individuals personal blog, or watching their personal YouTube video, you see their true and honest reactions to each product or item.



This July I have been loving quite a few items, everything from makeup to fashion to books. I hope you enjoy a little peek into the goodies that have been accompanying me all month!

IMG_6552 (1)

Cupcakes and Cashmere At Home: This book is written by blogger Emily Schuman, creator of the blog Cupcakes and Cashmere.  Now, if you haven’t read her blog, you definitely need to check it out. Emily writes about all the things she loves, fashion, beauty, food, home decor and more. This book focuses on her tips and tricks to making your home beautiful. I adore interior design and loved flipping through the gorgeous pages of beautiful photographs to gain inspiration for design. I have this book sitting on my coffee table, I love having colorful books out for guests to browse through.

Prada Candy: This has been my scent of the summer. It is light, yet comfortable. It has undertones of vanilla making it a warm scent on the skin that lasts all day. Another note lying in this gorgeous packaging is caramel. It is sweet, but seductive with hints of musk as well. I adorrrre it 🙂

MAC Syrup: Thank you Lily Pebbles for my latest addiction. This MAC shade is a Lustre meaning it has a creamy, reflective appearance. It is a perfect “my lips but better shade” with hints of nude, pink and mauve. It is so flattering and can be reapplied throughout the day with no caking.

Blue Sunglasses: It’s the heat of summer, and where I live the sun beats down intensely. I love picking up cheap sunglasses at little boutiques and stands in the mall. I always lose them or break them, so to me it isn’t worth it to purchase a pricey designer pair if I’m just going to sit on them later. I picked up this blue-teal pair from Charming Charlie’s and have been living in them since.

NARS Laguna: Bronzers are the key to makeup existence during the summer months. It can warm up a look and take it from a 6 to a ten in seconds. It’s hard to find a shade that fits your squinting without being too red or muddy. I’ve heard a million people talk about this bronzer but I had never tried it. Finally, this month I bought one for myself. This color is gorgeous on and can be built up for a darker contour or toned down for subtle color. LOOOVE:)

And that’s what I’ve been loving lately! What has been your fave beauty product this month? Any good movies or books?


Free Sample Fridays: NARS Tinted Moisturizer

It’s almost summer!

yay! It’s time to pack up those liquid foundations and opt for lighter coverage, more bronze hues and lots of SPF! As I have yet to find a light(er) coverage face product, this sample was a perfect tester for my needs!



I do love a good tinted moisturizer, yet most of them have little to no coverage. I have been keeping this sample of the NARS tinted moisturizer for this time of year. It’s in the shade Light 3 Groenland. Overall, it is a little darker than I would normally go towards with a foundation but since it’s getting towards summertime I plan on getting tan- so it’s perfect!

I adore this tinted moisturizer. Its light, feels soft on the face when applied, and offers the perfect amount of summer coverage. It smells delightful and comes in a large variety of colors. I also love how it has an SPF of 30 which is absolutely necessary for summertime!

Would I buy the full-size? Already have 😉


Free Sample Fridays: Nars Illuminator

Hello friends!



This is a keeper. Just going to get that off my chest right at the beginning. If you love highlighting your brow bone, giving your face a little more definition and color, than you will absolutely love this take on the classic Nars Orgasm blush. I am way more of a fan of cream products than powder as I find they stay on my face longer and are much more pigmented- this product being no exception.

The Nars Orgasm blush color is a classic staple for makeup fanatics as its rose gold hue is flattering on any skin tone. Just by putting a small dollop of this product on my two ring fingers and blending it into my cheekbone I have instant coloration and brightness added to my face! I love using this for nights out as it brings glamour to the face, or with natural eye makeup for a day-time appropriate look.

Would I buy this product full size? heck yeah! Just got to save up for its hefty price tag first!