London Street Style

Hey friends!

I adore living in London. This city is so full of life, adventure, and what I notice most- style. The men and women in this town are so impeccably dressed, even when dressing casually they look put-together.

But, like any city, some trends carry through everyone and are fun to pick out.

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Brand Spotlight: The Body Shop Tea Tree Line

Hi friends!

Have you ever loved something so much that you recommend it to not only your friends, but to random people in the shopping aisles? No? Just me?

Well, this is one of those brands that I squeal over. I adore everything I have ever tried from them and have yet to be disappointed. When I picked up the Body Wash from the Body Shops Tea Tree line I didn’t think much of it.

Until I hopped in the shower one fateful day and lathered this bad boy up.


Oh. ma. gawd. Not only does this body wash have an incredible lather, but it smells. sooooo. good.

It literally smells like the most fresh, energizing, yummy, goodness that has ever graced the earth.

And did I mention that it has acne-clearing benefits?

So, I fell in love. And I went back and bought more from this range. I am now the proud owner of the Tea Tree Body Wash, Face Mask, and Face Oil.

I love using this face oil on any spots that pop up on my face, and the mask is great for clearing up any breakouts you may have.

I will no doubt go back and purchase more products from this line- because they are AMAZING.

Check them out here on the Body Shop website!

Have any of you tried these?!


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Free Sample Fridays: Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Concentrate


Gather around. Let me tell you about a story when a small sample product opened a world of skincare delights.


One, I apologize for my photo. It does not give this product justice. Two, this small sample is brilliant. This concentrate is in liquid form, and with just two-three drops I have been able to moisturize my face nightly.

I also love the smell of this product. Its herbal, soft, and almost floral. I use it each and every night as a moisturizer and skincare remedy. I have combination skin and this keeps the dry patches at bay and doesn’t make my t-zone any more oily than normal.

Would I purchase the full size? Yep, already have. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Let me know what you think of this gem!

Until next week,


Glam Glow Review

Hello readers!

I admit. I am a face mask junkie. I love me a good face mask and trying new types is a definite hobby of mine. I’ve tried many a drugstore mask, and have recently been delving more into the higher end brands as I have gotten older.

As any good face mask user would know- Glam Glow is the new holy grail. Mud masks hailing from Hollywood, California, the Youth Mud mask brags about its exfoliating powers. So I set out to test this mask out and let you all know if it really is worth the $$$.



Step 1: Photograph before

Please be warned, I have been suffering from quite the breakouts around my chin and mouth area, so my hopes for this mask were quite high. As you can tell, I had quite a bit of redness around my spots, and my skin was looking quite dull and dry.



Step 2: Apply the Mask

I applied the mud mask only around my nose, mouth and chin areas because I just wanted to test it on the areas of my skin that needed it the most. After around 10 minutes, the mask began to dry and harden. I left the mask on for around 10 minutes total.

IMG_5400 IMG_5401









Step 3: Photograph the After

I waited until the following morning to photograph my after to give my skin a little time to calm down and so it wasnt so red.


What are my thoughts? I do see a little less redness and after several uses my spots did begin to fade substantially. I was quite pleased with how hydrated my skin actually felt after using this mask, as most masks tend to dry my skin out. I think this was a great purchase and I will continue to use it!

Do you have any skincare suggestions? Leave them below!